L2R Jeff Lightfoot and Vicki Lightfoot with Colonel Craig Lightfoot

Colonel Lightfoot was awarded the Multi-Displined Martial Arts Black Belt of the Year - 2014 from the U.S.A Martial Arts Hall of Fame in College Park, Georgia

Jeff and Vicki are career school teachers and coaches in Tallahassee, Fl.  Jeff is a high school vice principal.  Jeff is a TKD expert and was a was a tournament point fighter and earned his blue belt. 

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Armed Services Judo & Jujitsu Receives

2014 Best of Pensacola Award 

Press Release


Pensacola Award Program Honors the Achievement

PENSACOLA August 21, 2014 -- Armed Services Judo & Jujitsu has been selected for the 2014 Best of Pensacola Award in the Martial Arts & Self Defense Schools category by the Pensacola Award Program.



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