MSGT. H.G. Robby Robinson


Tony Lasit was born February 21, 1927 in Maui, Hawaii. His first exposure to martial arts began in 1943 when he fought for the Catholic Youth Organization at St. Patrick's Church Boxing Club in Kaimuki, Oahu.
SGM Lasit enlisted in the U.S. Army infantry in 1944 where he served as a combat infantryman during World War II and was honorably discharged in 1948. He was recalled to active duty in 1950 due to the Korean War and was honorably discharged in 1952. In 1955, GSM Lasit continued his military career with the United States Air Force and again was honorably retired in 1978; 31 years of combined service time, spanning World War II, the Korea War, and Vietnam-Southeast Asia.
The impact of SGM Lasit’s outstanding lifetime support to the U.S. military and martial arts programs established a worldwide society of mixed martial art clubs and associations, culminating in his current position as Senior Grandmaster of the Kajukenbo Self-Defense System and Founder of the United States Military Martial Arts Association, est. 2010.