MSGT. H.G. Robby Robinson



· Distinguished Member, 62nd Edition Marquis Who’s Who in America
· Associates Liberal Arts Degree, Leeward Community College, Hawaii
· Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Asian History (Summa Cum Laude) Charminade University of Hawaii
· Masters of Personnel Management and Supervision Degree (with Honors) from the University of Central Michigan & Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
· Chi Gamma Iota – Sigma Iota Epsilon- National Dean’s List, Central Michigan University
· Honorary PhD, Martial Arts, Department of Education, University of Manila, Philippines
· Honorary PhD, Asian Studies, Martial Arts, National Dragon Society, University of Martial Arts, Virginia
· Honorary PhD Martial Arts and Sciences, International University of Martial Arts Sciences, Arak, Iran
· Honorary Degree Doctor of Military Martial Arts Philosophy, emphasis in Japanese Martial Science Education, International Council of Higher Martial Science Education, Frankfurt, Germany, January 5, 2009
· PhD Asian Martial Arts and Sciences - February 2006. Universidade Libre de Terapias Psicobioenergeticas, Salvador-Bahia, Brasil


·  Basic Training, Sampson AFB (formerly Sampson Naval Training Center), Geneva, NY, March 1952
·  USAF Technical School, B-29 Electronic Gunnery Turret Systems, Lowry AFB, Denver, CO, June 1952- December 1952
· Westover AFB (SAC) Physical Conditioning/Combative Instructors School, MA, 4 April 1960
·  Stead AFB Combatives Instructor School, ATC, Reno , NV, November 1961
·  USAF Technical School, Kodokan Judo and Martial Arts Institute, SAC, Tokyo, Japan July 1965
·  USAF Officer Candidate School Training Course, Maxwell AFB, AL
·  USAF Intelligence Fundamentals School Training Course, Maxwell, AL
·  Recipient, General Curtis E. LeMay USAF Special Services Award, 1968
·  USAF First Sergeant Training Course 10090, Maxwell AFB, AL, 10-1972
·  USAF Outstanding Recreation Manager of the Year, 1973 AFSC
·  Air Force Systems Command, Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, 1973, General Samuel C. Phillips, Commander, AFSC
·  Recipient, General Curtis E. LeMay PACAF Special Services Award, 1974
·  USAF Senior NCO Academy, Maxwell AFB, AL 12-02-1974


· Life Member, Air Commando Association, ACA - Special Operations LM 3656
· Association of Former Intelligence Officers, AFIO
· LM, Viet Nam Security Police Association
· LM, Disabled American Veterans Association, DAV Post Al Gray 23, FL # 09023L28899
· Charter Member, Chief Petty Officer “Snuffy” Smith, USN Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, Camp Brady, Hakata Tri-Service Security Base, Hakata, Japan
· LM, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Post 10249, Udorn, Thailand # 1101488
· LM, Vietnam Veterans of America, Member-at-Large # 145031
· LM, 355th Fighter Group Association
· LM, American Legion, Chapter “1”, Shanghai, China-in-Exile # 100038775
· The Retired Enlisted Association, TREA # 16664756
· LM, American Military Retirees Association, AMRA
· LM, Air Force Sergeants Association, AFSA
· LM, Society of the First Infantry Division “Big Red 1”
· Member, Silver Star Families of America – USAF, Southeast Asia - Thailand
· Association of the United States Army (AUSA) # 498333
· Founding Sponsor, National Museum of the U. S. Army
· Proud Member Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood Association - TLCB Webpage URL: http://www.tlc-brotherhood.org
· LM, Sampson AFB Veterans Association
· LM, USMC Association and Foundation 
· Member, USS "Andy" Anderson Association, United States Navy
· LM, Navy Veterans of the United States of America, www.navetusa.com
· Member, American College of Fitness and Health Promotion Professionals
· Member, National Parks and Recreation Association
· Member, Armed Forces Recreation Society
· Recipient, The Flag of the United States of America, flown over the United States Capital, July 15, 2003, by request of Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchinson, US Senator of the occasion of the Retirement of Harold G. Robinson after 40 Years of Honorable Federal Service
· Member, Florida Sheriff's Association

· Member, United States Deputy Sheriff's Association
· Nominee, 2009 Air Commando Association – Special Operations “Hall of Fame”

· Member, B-52 Strato-Fortress Association


Martial Arts Affiliations:

· SAC-ARDC Yudanshakai
· Charter Member, Air Force Judo Association
· Member, Foreign Division, Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan 1956-Present
· Charter Life Member, Armed Forces Judo Association (AFJA)
· Benefactor and Charter Life Member, United States Judo Association (USJA) #22
· Regional Director of Development, Armed Forces Judo, Republic of Korea
· Regional Director of Development, Central California, Armed Forces Judo
· Regional Director of Development, Southeast Asia, Armed Forces Judo
· Regional Director of Development, Southern Japan, Armed Forces Judo
· Assistant Chairman, USJA National Membership Development Committee
· Member, National Board of Directors, USJA
· Member, National Public Relations Committee, USJA
· Member, National High School Committee, USJA
· Member, National Awards Committee, USJA
· Chairman, N.W. Florida National Awards Committee, USJA
· Chairman, N.W. Florida Membership Development, USJA
· Secretary, Hawaii Judo Black Belt Federation
· Visiting Professor, Korean College of Seoul, Republic of South Korea
· Lecturer, Martial Arts, Recreation and Sports Department, University of Hawaii, Manoa
· Instructor, Martial Arts, St. Stephens School, Austin, Texas
· Benefactor Life Member, United States Martial Arts Association # 52
· USMAF Master Examiner/Instructor - Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Taiho Jitsu, Goshin Jitsu
· USJA Master Judo Rank Examiner/Certification
· USJA Certified Level D Coach
· Member USA Judo No. 43102P
· Member US Judo Federation # 72625
· Southwestern U.S. Judo Association 1961 (LA & TX)
· Charter Gold Life & Board Member, United States Martial Arts Federation (USMAF) # 116
· Charter Gold Life & Board Member United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF) # 116
· Founding Board & Life Member, Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF) # 7
· Southeast Asia Commissioner, Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF)
· Former National Program Director, United States of America - Traditional Kodokan Judo (USA-TKJ), USJJF
· Grandmaster & Life Member Kukusai Kempo Tokukai, International Kempo Federation
· Life Member, United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association
· Honorable International Founder and Headmaster, International Founder and Headmaster Society No. 948-33
· U.S. Representative, Review, Adjudication and Approval for the Martial Arts and Sciences PhD Program, University of Therapeutic Psychodynamics, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil, ULTEP
· Life Member, International Combat Judo Union ICMAUA
· Life Member, International Combat Jujitsu Union ICMAUA
· Member, International Pioneers & Legends Martial Arts Hall of Fame
· Member, Senshi-Ryu Martial Arts Association, USA
· Director and Founder, International Armed Services Judo & Jujitsu Academy (formerly Pensacola Judo Club Corry Station) 1985 – Present
· Life Member # 261/07 World Jug Tai Association, Greece
· Member, North American Seniors Council
· Member, American Federation of Martial Arts
· Life Member, World Martial Arts League, International Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany, January 5, 2009, NO. I.H.L.M. 0301.09.US
· Co-Founder, United States Kajukenbo Association (USKA), Honolulu, Hawaii, Lasit O'Hana, U.S. Military Martial Arts Association

Martial Arts Special Achievements:

· United States Presidential Award November 1989 “JUDO”, signed by President George Bush
· Inducted into the 2000 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Golden Life Award"
· Inducted into the 2001 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame - "Most Distinguished Master"
· Inducted into the 2002 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Shihan of the Year - Judo"
· Inducted into the 2003 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, "Distinguished Humanitarian of the Year"
· Inducted into the 2005 Sang Kim Celebrity of Martial Arts – “Platinum Pioneer” over 50 years of Martial Arts”
· Inducted into the Legends of Champion Martial Arts Hall of Fame September 24, 2005, “American Pioneer Award”
· Inducted into the United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association 2005 International Hall of Honor – Hall of Champions, “Elite Man of Honor Close Quarter Combat"
· World Organizer of Martial Arts and Humanitarian Family Members Supports Aid, November 5, 2005, “Platinum Life Award”
· International Founder and Headmaster Society 2005, conferred the “Title of Honorable International Founder and Headmaster”
· USHOFMAA Award 2005 - “USHOFMAA Medal of Honor IHOHHOC”
· Inducted, United States Martial Arts Association 2006 “The Founder’s Golden Lifetime Achievement Award”
· Inducted, 2006, International Kempo Federation Hall of Fame
· Inducted, 2006, International Hall of Honor, Hall of Champions, “Elite Grandmaster of Honor”
· Action Martial Arts Magazine 2007, Martial Arts Hall of Honors and Spirit Award
· Inductee, 2007, World Martial Arts League – 10th International Black Belt Martial Arts Hall of Fame
· Inductee, 2007, American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame/Hall of Honor
· Inducted, 2008, Southeastern Brotherhood Martial Arts Hall of Fame – Four Diamond Lifetime Award
· Special Recognition Award United States Navy Blue Angels, 1989 on Occasion of 6th Dan Promotion
· Special Recognition Award, 1992, United States Air Force Thunderbirds
· Inducted, 2009, International Association of Martial Artists (IAMA), Hall of Fame, Lifetime of Leadership and Proliferation of “U.S. Marine Corps Quality” Judo and Martial Arts in America
· Inducted, 2010, Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors, “Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts – Grand Master Robby Robinson”
· Inducted, 2011, Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors, "Goodwill Ambassador to Martial Arts – Grand Master Robby Robinson”
· Special Award, 2011, International Association of Martial Arts (IAMA), 10th Dan NASA Military Martial Arts Association, “Primius Pilus Pioneer” Founder Armed Services Judo/Jujitsu Association. 60 Years Martial Arts Leadership
· Inducted, 2012, International World Head of Family Sokeship Council, 20th Anniversary, 2 June 2012, Orlando, FL, “Legend Founder – Armed Services Judo & Jujitsu Academy, United States Judo Association"

· Inducted, 2014, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Hall of Heroes - "Judo Grandmaster of the Year", September 6, 2014

· Inducted, U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame, "Living Legend", July 22, 2017.

· Inducted, World Grandmaster Sokeship Council, "Senior Grandmaster of the Year" Award - US Kajukenbo Association, Lasit Ohana, September 2, 2017

[To date: 18 Hall of Fames]

Major Martial Art Ranks:

· 8th Dan – Hachidan, United States Judo Association
· 8th Dan – Hachidan, Goshin Jitsu

· 8th Dan – Hachidan, Ryu Kyu (Okinawa) Kenpo
· 9th Dan – Kudan, Traditional Kodokan Judo, USJJF
· 9th Dan – Kudan, Umi Bushi Goshin Jutsu
· 9th Dan – Kudan, Ju-Jitsu
· 9th Dan – Kudan, Taiho Jitsu

· 9th Dan – Kudan, USKA Lasit Ohana, Hawaii, Senior Grandmaster, January 1, 2017
· 9th Dan – Kudan, American Federation of Martial Arts
· 10th Dan – Soke, International Kempo Federation (IKF) Iran
· 10th Dan – Hanshi, World Ju-Jitsu & AIKI Bujitsu Federation
· 10th Dan – Hanshi, Samurai Ju Jitsu Association International, Teacher’s Diploma, All-Japan Seibukan Martial Arts & Way Association
· 10th Dan – Hanshi, Life Member, European Samurai Ju-Jitsu – AIKI Society
· 10th Dan – Hanshi, Nippon Yawara Ryu AIKI – Ju-Jitsu Renmei
· 10th Dan – Hanshi, North American Self-Defense Association, International Association of Martial Artists
· 10th Dan – Dai-Shihan, UMIBUSHI Combat Jiu-Jitsu Martial Art System - 7/4/2012