Sonie Lasker                

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Sonie Lasker is Captain of the US Martial Arts Team and the current World Champion in 6 events. She was the national champion in 5 events for the 2008 NASKA season.


        - Women’s Open Point Sparring

- Traditional Forms

- Traditional Bladed Weapons

- Traditional Wooden Weapons

- Musical Forms

- Musical Weapons.                                               


Under the coaching of 11-time World Champion Shihan Donna Judge at Suncoast Karate Dojo, Lasker competes regularly on the State and National circuits.


Sonie also trains KAPAP, (Krav Panim Al Panim - Face to Face combat) with Shihan Avi Nardia as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Professor John Machado. 


Along with her martial arts specialty, Lasker is a CPT, AFAA nationally certified Master Level Personal Trainer at Shapes Total Fitness for women. She holds many certifications, including Advanced Anatomy, Exercise Therapeutics, Resistance Ball Training, Nutrition, Body Type Training and Advance Exercise Programming. Sonie has consistently placed in the top 5 trainers for Shapes, including her designation as Trainer of The Year for 2006.


Athlete Tournament Titles and Results:


Rank:         1st degree Black Belt 
Style:         Okinawan Shuri Ryu Karate-Do, Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jiu Jitsu, Machado Brazilian  Jiu Jitsu, KAPAP, Judo
School:       Suncoast Karate Dojo
Teacher:     Shihan Donna Judge, 8th degree black belt; Shihan Avi Nardia, Professor John Machado

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Graduation from the US Navy Air Crew School, Pensacola, Florida!

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